Further Your Education In Public Relations and Marketing


Depending on what level of your career you are in continuing education courses may appeal to you more so than someone at a senior level. However things are often changing so perhaps taking a course or two isn’t a bad idea.

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A Note from Manchester PR Blog



Inspirational Change Message from Pinterest!

Happy Wednesday!

There have been some changes with Manchester Public Relations that I am excited to share with all of you! After many brainstorming sessions with my my partner Rose M. Reyes over Skype and endless supplies of Starbucks we decided in addition to fashion we will be incorporating beauty, home furnishings, design, retail industries and health/wellness brands to the list of industries that we serve. Did I mention we are also offering copy-writing services as well?!

We  are getting bigger and better! We are so excited about the changes to come and we hope you are too. Expect to see more great posts incorporating everything we love including but of course, FASHION!


Nadia and Rose!